Heating- Types of Cooling

• Forced /Direct Cooling

With direct conditioning of the air, you will get the quickest response from the equipment onto the air that is possible.
I.E. Coming home to a cold house the air will cool down the faster because you are directly cooling the air.
You can moisten, clean and condition the air. More…
• Radiant Cooling

With radiant conditioning of the air, it will take forever to get the home cool in a desirable amount of time.
To my knowledge – no one makes this type of equipment.
The concept is the same as the earth losing heat at night into space.
I know of a couple of people who ran cold water in their radiant panels, only to find out that the humidity condensed on the panels and piping and ruined the non-stone construction of their homes.
• Convection Heat

See Radiant Cooling above.

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