Surround yourselves with reputable contractors

Looking for a good contractor is very hard.

You can call the following:

  • State Commerce Department — 651-296-4026 (in Minnesota)
  • The Better Business Bureau — 651- 699-1111 (Minnesota)
  • The Chamber of Commerce (the contractor pays into it so they are biased)

The best way to find a good contractor is by word of mouth.

Interview your contractor to see if your comfortable to deal real close with him/her daily for months and years after the house is done.

Also ask for complete client list (the good and bad clients) of all work which has been done by the contractor for the last 5 years.

Remember some client’s thing the contractor is god and other think the same contractor is the son of the devil.

Please go and look at some of the work that he/she has done.

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