Roof damage – storm

Roof damage from an Oct. storm in the fall of 05, the house was built 1 year earlier.

The insurance company told the homeowner to get at lest 3 bids, The house has 40 square roof all at 8/12 pitch (steeper than the average house) The bids are as follows; More…
1 – $11,000.00
2 – $15,000.00
3 – $18,000.00
4 – $27,000.00
Which one is the right bid?
# Back ground information; Did you know that if the contractor does not have work’s comp insurance on him and/or his employees and if one of them get injured re-shingling the house. The homeowners and their insurance company are liable to pay his or their medical bills.

When the house was built with today’s prices the cost would have been $14,363.81.

Shingle prices have gone up because of oil prices.

Now the shingles must be removed from the roof, a dumpster is required, rain and snow protection prior to roofing add in wages and work comp (for roofing the rate of work comp is 100% of wages) if the wages are 25.00 per hour the contractor has to pay out $ 56.75 per hour for payroll.

Then to stay in business you must charge a profit 10% this gives the homeowner a real warranty because the owner knows the business shall be in business next year. ( good management)

So the right price is number 4. $27,000.00

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