Who is working on your behalf

There a many different types of people you could be working with.

A realtor may be involved in securing a lot.

An architect may be involved in the design of the print of the home. More…

A home interior Designer could be used in the picking out the different styles and operation flow from bathrooms, to kitchen and every thing in between.

A home interior decorator should be used in the picking out the different finishes from flooring to wall textures to lighting and every thing in between.

You may need a representitive to work on your behalf if you are out of reach (over seas for your company etc.)

A good contractor can save client money and headaches.
There are different types of people trying to separate you from your money.

There are people out there that like to cause problems. A bad subcontractor or a subcontractor’s employee(s) can make a mess of a house.

The general contractor should have the final say as to who is on the team.

Experienced: A bad interior designer can cause problems on many fronts.

Trying to take over the job – usurping the contractor’s authority.

Telling the client what they want instead of how thing work and possible ways to do them.
Under cutting other subcontractors behind their backs and casing friction between the client and the different crews.

And finally at the end the interior designer turned on the client.

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