All types of damp or waterproofing warranties does not guarantee or warrant that irritants, such as mold, mildew, fungi or and air quality problems shall be reduced or eliminated.

There are many different types of damp and water proofing systems.
Remember this, using damp proofing it is only good for sandy soils with no water table.

There is no guarantee and/or warranty (piece of paper going to keep water out) if there is water coming into the basement when the foundation was covered with a damp proof material.

When back filling (pushing dirt back into the hole) around the foundation if the dirt is full of rocks, sticks, roots, or sharp objects these will cut, damage and create a leaks in the damp proofing system.

A tar based damp proof system brakes down in 6-10 years. The damp proofing you bought when you had the house built, well it no longer works because it is just not there.

Spray on plastic membrane about 20 mill thick.

What makes a good water proofing system?

Having a solid foundation with no cracks.

A seamless shield of 40 mill or greater of polybutylene

Next a layer of porous rock, (not gravel or sand) ridged fiberglass insulation, or some thing that keeps the dirt from touching the foundation and also creates a void to allow groundwater to run down word to the footing.

Must of all having a large drain tile system on the exterior of the bottom edge of the footing to remove all the groundwater being brought to it.

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