In the wallboard industry 98 percent of the professional tapers out there use paper-based tape on all inside corners butt joints and seems.
When houses settle as they do, inside paper corner beads tend to rip and crack open.

Using metal inside corner beads covered with paper give you straighter corners and better finished edge when your done with less settling problems down the road.

Using exterior metal paper corners are better than nail on metal corners or crimp on metal corners. Remember this if the lumber behind the sheetrock moves or twists the corner bead nailed to that lumber must also move and twist creating cracks and gaps.

When using taping compound pick a type of compound that does not shrink over time. Most compounds they do shrank go back with that the houses six months to year or longer and you’ll find out most corner beads that were filled in with taping compound have shrunk severely.

I recommend using Sudden bond 4T easy to apply and to sand and does not shrink. The phone number as to where to buy 4T is 800-344 8861

  • When interviewing a taper ask him;
  • What size trawl is used on out side corner beads? If they say 8-10″ look for a better taper 14″ Minimum
    When skimming a flat ceiling what size trawl is used? If 12″ is there answer your going to have a rolling ceiling. 36″ trawl is the Minimum size needed for this tpye of job.

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