Sheetrock what really is it?

Sheetrock has a number of names that they call it one being drywall wallboard gypsum aboard.
Sheetrock is comprised of two sheets of paper with gypsum mineral in between.

The paper being used in sheetrock is a form of easy to consume sugar.

The gypsum material is considered a complex sugar. When moisture is present the paper is the first to create mold if the sheetrock stays wet more than 48 hours the gypsum itself will start to mold.

There to basic types sheetrock the Standard she rock, which surface have come gypsum only.

The other type has small pieces of fiberglass woven in the gypsum board this type of sheetrock is used for fire stops between garage walls and houses, between apartment buildings, around Chimney chases and alike.

There is another type of wall system which can be used using is Blue Rock, and then plastered over it to give a plastered finish.

Blue Rock weigh based sheetrock system but designed for plastering which will allow more weight to be hung off of it because plaster ways a lot more.

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