Heating a Basement

There are simple ways of heating a basement and expensive ways.

Installing electric baseboard heat is the most economical way for installation but bad on the wallet for running it.

  • Installing a radiant heat sources. Radiant heat heats objects in the room.
    Using a fireplace is a source, about $ 5,000.00 to $ 8,000.00 for installation with gas you can put it on a thermostat.
  • Using a wood type stove you can adjust the airflow and make the log last all day.
    Other types of fuel for fireplaces/stoves- coal, and corn pellets.
  • Let’s look back 100 years ago the settlers used the room under the houses IE root cellars for a place to store their canned goods and vegetables like potato’s and squash etc.

    The ground around the cellar was about 55° a little warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.

    The cellar was a poor man’s refrigerator. Now today’s life style we have to reverse the effects of this room (area).

    Keep in mind that Warmth (heat rises because it is lighter than cold air, Cold air being heavier forces it’s way to the floor pushing the warm air up.)icyene-01.jpgTouch on picture to enlarge

  • To be able to utilize this area properly we must separate it from the ground around it. Using 2″ of rigid foam under the concrete floor does this nicely.
  • Exterior concrete walls have to be separated also, using 2″rigid foam is great if you are in a sandy lot and with a high water table is below the floor level.

    Other wise use rigid sheets fiberglass insulation, ground water will drain through it.

    Now we have to heat this area, a 2 fold system works best first install In-floor radiant heat with a boiler system and setting the thermostat at 68°.

    Then install a forced air system for air handling, moving air for cleaning it, moistening it and mixing it.

    By setting the thermostat at 65° degrees and having set the fan to the on position shall give you the best results.

    To improve the performance add 3 1/2″ of Icynene insulation into the exterior walls.

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