Making the most of your money when buying millwork

If you like stained wood then you will need to know this 40% of oak millwork and flooring is coming from China. Chinese oak has a lot of black blotchy in the wood. Not good to look at, for quality and durability it fine.

If you like clear maple don’t buy it from the discount lumber stores the millwork in the racks don’t match the maples board on there racks they are 2 different types of maple 1 is hard, lite yellow color with good graining and the other is soft with light brown color.

Most all of the United States birch is gone we are importing it from Russia and again this is blotchy with black streaks in it.

So to compensate for this they are selling popular a soft hard tree. The problem is that it comes 2-4 colors in 1 board from yellow -green -light red- black spots.

They call it a paint grade wood. When moisture lands on it the wood work firs up like 100s of small burrs or dog hairs.

If you were to hard maple or birch you could get a good paint job with 3-4 coats of paint but with popular there is a ton more work for the painter with a lot of sanding between each layer of paint.

With maple you may spend 3-10 seconds per layer of paint per board and with popular you may spend 30-120 seconds per layer of paint per board.

And that is the reason for more layers of paint.

It’s cheaper to buy the maple trim from the start.

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