Box Cabinets

Box cabinets are great they come in 3″ increments, both width and height. A kitchen cabinet set can be installed in a 2-man workday. That’s the good news and on the other side. Sides and back walls can be as thin as 1/4″ thick making the face frame of the cabinet doing all the work (keeping he cabinet straight and ridged for the shelving to be stable).

Cabinets are built for 50-75LBs.

A standard 10″ plate weighs 13.2 ozs. A set of 8= 46.3 Lbs. Plus glasses

Fill a standard with cans in an upper cabinet 12″ deep and 12″ wide and it works for the weight load but do it with a 24″ and 12″ deep and you are overloading the cabinet.

The following happens to the cabinet box, it starts breaking apart on the back and sides of the cabinet, and then the cabinet face starts coming off.

Now the lower cabinet with 1/4″ or 3/8″ sidewalls if you are putting on Formica counter tops no problem.

But if you want granite counter tops the sidewalls of the cabinet are being stressed.

If you are looking to have a pop up mixer the sidewalls cannot take the tork of the hardware, which allows the mixer to move.

With cabinet boxes standard shapes and sides are inexpensive. But any thing out side of standard and the price sky rockets.

And we haven’t talked about color selections about 12 different colors only.

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