Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets fit every time, both width and height. A kitchen cabinet set can be installed in a 2-man workday. That’s the good news and on the other side.
Good quality place setting weighs 6-7 Lbs. A set of 10 = 60-70 Lbs. Plus glassware

Custom cabinets can hold a ton of weight. Even the drawers can hold 100LBs. of weigh per draw.

Then you can get full extension drawer slides so you can access the full draw at once.

Good custom cabinets have 3/4″ plywood sidewalls (bulk heads).

If you are looking to have a pop up mixers, or 100LBs. to 400LBs. drawers the cabinet boxes can and will handle the load.

With custom cabinets you can have the internal bulk heads moved around so you can install outlets inside the cabinets for hair dryer, razors, curling irons etc.

The choices and styles of finishes are endless, from stained, metal finish, painted, to gold foiling.

Many, many cool things can be done with custom cabinets just use your imagination.

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