Heating polluting our homes

The law requires that we bring in fresh air in to the house because the houses are to tight and the air quality is not satisfactory.

So the heating contractor cut holes into the house for fresh air for the gas appliances as well as an Air exchanger system for removing exhaust air (contaminated). All of which are located just below the floor line of main floor if you have a basement. More…

In the wintertime you can see the carbine monoxide coming from your car and your neighbors, lingering in the air from 5′ and downward to the ground.

If your neighbors like to have bon fires, the heat rises but the fumes are heavier than air, and it is lingering at the ground, so does LP gas, all of these fumes can be sucked up by the fresh air intakes of your houses. Making your interior air problem worse instead of better.
# To solve this problem, this is easy just move the air intakes up to the soffit line (were the exterior wall stops and roof starts of the house).

The air up there is cleaner, dryer, less pollen, and air intake its self needs less cleaning.

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