Christmas is your house ready for the party?

This is no laughing matter. Having your house prepared for the Holidays is a big thing in a lot of families. People having high ceiling in their living and family rooms, like to have BIG trees with lots of lights. Having 10,000 lights on an interior Christmas tree is no big deal to some people, but do you have the proper amount of electrical current supply the lights on the tree.

For every 100 lights =about 50 watts to convert this to amps we divide by the voltage. 50watts / 110 Volts= .45 amps per 100 bulbs x 100= 10,000 lights or 45 amps or 3 -15 amp circuits.

A standard living room outlet has 1-15 amp and if you are powering a TV, stereo, lamps, etc., you are taking away from availability of lighting the tree.

Lets look out side at the Christmas ornaments. Most houses have 1-15 or a 20-amp circuit to power both the garage and outside outlets.

The following items are probable on this circuit; garage door opener battery charger, a freezer.

It’s best to plan ahead as to how your electrical needs are going to be meet, both in every day life and during celebrations.

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