Makita 5007NBK Circular Saw Review

In using a circular saw it is important that the saw is balanced in your hand. I’ve used saws that twist my hand and wrist to operate the saw. If a saw is hard to change its angle, just remember if you are building a hip roof you will change the angle on the saw 40-80 times a day. Remember when you use the saw can feel how the saw is cutting or if the table of the saw is dragging on the material which is being cut.

A super smooth table is best type of operation. Setting the depth of the blade, it should always be comfortable at any depth the blade is set.

I’ve used saws that make my elbow rise above my proper working height for my body.

The Makita 5007NBK circular saw gives a lot of punch for the design of the saw as well as power for cutting though hard wood.

I absolutely love the saw.

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