Using The Right Nails For Sheetrocking

When sheet-rocking one must use proper nails and screws. Using a shingle nail on sheetrock the nail will fail at the worst time the head will pop off. Using a galvanized or zinc-plated screw will also fail they are to soft. The point of a sheetrock nail is designed to separate the wood as it penatrates in to the board.

The ribs (rings) on the on the nail shank is to keep the nail from working it’s way out of the lumber.

The head of the nail and the shank is hardened (heat tempered) so the head does not separate form the shank even in a fire up to 1400°.

Sheetrock screws are hardened also for the same porous. When installing the nails always use a sheetrock hammer the head of the hammer is rounded so when the nail is hammered in the rock is dimpled not broken.

The dimpled area is designed for the taping compound to fill in. The top of nail head is to smooth and tape will not sick hence the dimple system.

Using a framing hammer rips the sheetrock paper.

Which in turns cases the sheetrock around the nail to let lose of the taping compound when the house shifts, shrink, settles, or shacks.

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