Attic insulation part 2

People say Cellulose is great let’s look Cellulose. Cellulose is made from ground-up newspapers and treated with flame retardant chemical. They say it won’t burn but when it does it burns (all thing burn if the temperature gets hot enough) in forms of well like mice trails so if you have a fire over the bedroom of the house. You have to remove all the insulation put out the small pockets of fire on the way to the living and kitchen areas of the house to.

Next when humidity gets into Cellulose insulation it makes the insulation ball up or clump together in semi-hard chunks.

When this happens you are now losing you R-value. Let’s say the roof leaks Cellulose becomes a lot a 100,000 sheet of wet paper towels that will not let air in or the water out.

In 48 hours you now have mold growing. It’s just not good insulation.

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