Know which concrete is best for your house

Grades- 2000#, which means 1 Cubic inch of concrete above 2001Lbs. pressure, it will crush.
2500#, 3000#, 3500#, 4000#, 4500#, these are the standard grades used for building.
5000#-10,000# is used in extreme conditions for commercial applications.

To achieve 2000-4500#LBs. they mix low quality clay and lime to High quality clay and lime.

The sand I.e. each grain of sand must be jagged/pointed not round the
Portland will not bond if it is round. Sand from a beech, lake, river, or desart is round.

Then there is the rock – inexpensive rock is used for most applications:

Limestone is most common-This rock is soft and absorbs water and is not recommended for exterior use in areas that freeze.

Sea Shells- used in Florida

Pea rock- Exposed Aggregate -this rock is hard, and absorbs very little water but its more rounded and the Portland has a harder time bonding to it. It is adequate for exterior use.

Quarts- this type of rock is harder for water to seep into it. Exterior uses

Driveways, sidewalks, and patio slabs

Sea Shells- used in Florida

2000# poor quality don’t use
2500# Good for house and garage footings
3000# Great for house and garage footings
3500# Good for poured foundations walls for houses and garages
4000# Good for finish floors (basement, driveways, garage, sidewalks)
4500# Great for finish floors (basement, driveways, garage, sidewalks)

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