Wells – why so pricy

People always get taken when getting a well lets see why.
Example- Well drillers give the contractor a bid on the well and it is stated like this the Bid $3,500.00 for 100 foot deep well, If no water it is $14.00 per ft there after. The well shall be within 10 of the house, If further than 10′ add $12.50 per Ft and within 10′ of the well tank, If the location of the tank further than 9′ from the inside wall add $5.50 per LF, With 1 1/2 horse pump and a 1″ line to the well tank with a 20 Gallon tank.

Now lets look at the facts the utility room is the basement in the front left corner next to the 3 car garage, and the closed place to put the well is within 75′ of the sewer system now we have to find a new spot out of the way of the sewer system and easy for them to get a truck back in where the well is increase the well pump has to be pulled for repair. The new spot is 45′ from the house.

The location where it enters the house is on back right corner of the house, it’s 48′ from the utility room.

They start drilling the well, and then at 280′ they find water. Then the homeowner tells the well driller that you want to have a large sprinkling system.

Now the total bill is 3500.00 + 180 x 14.00 + 65′ x 12.5+39’x 5.50= 7,047+ need a larger tank, line, and larger pump add 1400.00 Total bill $ 8,447.00

Example 2 same as above but they hit granite. There drilling rig can not drill through rock a larger machine charges 19.50 per foot, the water was found a 850′ Total bill 3500.00-1400.00+ 16,575.00 need a larger tank, line and, and much larger pump add 1950.00 Total bill $ 21,654.00

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