Why don’t I have water pressure, my friends do

If your friends have city water, the water pressure of city water is between 80PSI to 125 PSI. And you have a well. Lets look a facts when the house was built they put in the cheapest well possible at 80′ deep well.

Control switch 20/40 PSI 30/50 PSI 40/60 PSI
1/2 Hp pump 1.2- 4.2 2.7 – 5.7 4.2 – 7 Gallons per minute

Now lets look at what happens with a deep well 400′ deep
1/2 Hp pump .7- 2.1 1.4 – 2.8 2.1 — 3.5 Gallons per minute

If the well man installed a pump with plastic impeller let’s see what happens.

As water comes up the well shaft it passes through a sand screen then water goes through the impeller and is pushed up a 1″ steel pipe to the well tank.

Oh by the way the well water has fine sand (grit) in the water, which went right through the sand screen and it has been scratching the impeller for years decreasing the volume of water and increasing your electric bill.

Using a brass impeller is better, but the best impeller on the market is stainless steel. A little more expensive but lasts longer with better results.

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