What is the best type of wood flooring?

Looking for a good wood type floor lets look at the facts.
If you are looking for a laminate floor there are good to very poor quality flooring. In the past Pergo has made a poor quality floor even if they have product name recognition. The problem with this type of floor is that the base of the floor is made of particleboard with a laminate film (about 8mm thick very very thin) surface glued on the particleboard.

When you wash the floor water gets down between the laminate joints and the water swells the flooring, creating a ripple affect across the floor.

Pure laminate flooring has laminate all the way through the flooring. You can soak the flooring in water before or after installation for days and floor won’t harmed the flooring.

If you are looking for Wood laminate floor make sure it has a plywood base about 3/8 inch thick with a real wood finish of 1/8″ min. this type of floor shall last for years.

Look for floor with 8-foot lengths they lay better and straighter. I recommend Kahr wood flooring from Sweden.

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