Home elegance

Home elegance can be achieved on the upper class as well as a good portion of the middle class. I’ve seen where the upper class tries to cut corner to save funds but it causes more money in the end. It’s better to do it right the first time than to skip items and come back later.
I’ve seen where cabinets and speakers have been left out, then 2 years later they want it installed it creates such a mess the dust floats in the air into rooms that closed off, as well as a larger amount of time to install it later.

And after it’s all done it’s still not right small thing can not be done at this point in time, if they were done on the day the walls were open it would have been so easy.

Having a good plan and a good understand of how you are going to live in this house. Can make all the difference of having the product being a house or a Home.

A house has 4 exterior walls and a roof with an address on the building as to where you can be found. A Home is were you live and nurture your children and enjoy living when you don’t have to work.

I’ve created both but I’d rather create homes.

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