Rest in elegances

What an odd statement what does it mean?

When your business life is in an up roar, you come home to a house that is built around you and your family. Most houses are built for the contractor to make a profit and not for the occupants of the house. Therefore the items just don’t fit the rooms and/or the way you do your daily chores. For example you have this beautiful bedroom set, but the canopy for the bed is stored in the garage because the ceiling is to low.
I have seen a homeowner that stores her vacuum cleaner hose in a laundry draw, what a waste of space and effort every time she has to use it. I have seen another homeowner has a bird at the back door of the house.

So when you come into the house from the garage with any thing you have to dodge the birdcage.

I have seen a homeowner that has a 3-car garage, they have 2 vehicles and 1 boat and only 1 car can get into the garage. Too much stuff- no the garage length is to short by 6 foot in length.

A good home is one designed for the people and their activities. Showing off their attributes and encourages and nurtures their activities.

The other part of an elegant life style is building the house with known and proven materials and appliances.

This in turn leads to having no or very little up keep or maintenance. So when you come home you can rest and rejuvenate your batteries for the next day.

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