Whistling noise in the plumbing

If you have a shower or a faucet, that when it’s in use, a loud whistling noise occurs. Look in one of three places.
1. Loosen the shower head and remove the plastic insert that restricts the water flow.
2. There is 1 type of showerhead that just whistles – just replace it.

3A. City Water pressure in the house does not deed to exceed 60PSI above this some water valves will whistle – install a pressure regulator on the incoming water from the street.

Some cities push the pressure up as high 125PSI to get the water down to the last house on the run.

The reason for the high pressure is because the water pipe in the street is to small to supply all the houses, so by increasing the pressure moves more water.

But even with high pressure shall never deliver enough volume of water for all the houses.

3b. The noise builds up and then quiets. If this happens the water pressure in the pipes is changing. This happens most often when you are on a well. If your pump is cycling on and off a lot you may want to install a larger well tank.

Water coming out of the faucet – is the faucet a newer style in the last 15 years and does it have only 1 lever for adjusting the water and temp.

If so the mixing part of the valve is scratched (scored) allowing water to come to the valve stem and drip off the control handle.

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