Why don’t good contractors take on small jobs?

There is no money in a small job. The contractor has to bring in 450.00 on the low end and above 600.00 per day to meet his budget.

Office overhead; Secretarial services, Bidding services, Office building expense, business insurance, Licenses, as wells as auto, service and fuel.
For these contractors to come over for a half day is asking them to pay 300.00 to fix your home repair.

It simply will not happen. If you try to hire them on an hourly bases for a large home addition or remodel in the Midwest you should pay about 50.00 to 70.00 per hour and for a home repair 2-hours to 3 days the rate per hours is 105.000-140.00 per hour.

Just to cover their office overhead.

So what or who do you get instead are handy men they have no state licensee, work comp insurance or even General business insurance.

So if they get hurt, or if something goes wrong the homeowner holds the bag (all the bills from medical to other repair bills).

Now let’s talk about there skills they probably have had 1 year of carpentry and a few years of janitorial work.

They fake their way in these jobs and screw them up.

Then all the contractors get a bad reputation because of theses Handy men who really don’t fall in the classification of Contractor.

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