Paint roller and brushes

When you are writing all the time do you buy the cheapest pen? No you go out and by a good pen a cross or a parker pen for writing. The same is true when you are painting buying a cheap paint roller causes more problems. And the next several times you paint you buy a new paint roller every time. Stop wait a minute they make good ones to.

The brand I love to use is Wooster plastic handle which means not to hot or cold never splinters like wood easy to clean up also receives 2 types of extension rods the screw in type or the clip in type.

The clip in type is better because it keeps the handle from unscrewing and falling off the rod. The next fetchers are the dogs at the end that hold the felt roller on.

These dogs will not allow the roller to separate from the paint roller. Making your painting job just a job and not a nightmare.

Buying brushes those brushes under $10.00 are garbage and this is why the bristles in the brush let lose and you have to pick the out of the painted surface before it dries or you get to sand the project and do it again.

A good nylon brush 2 1/2″ – 3″ wide with a taper is a good all around brush from latex and to oil base varnish.

Remember to clean your brush and roller thoroughly and hang it up to dry.
This will keep it ready for the next time you need it.

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