Who makes the best paint?

I’ve applied a lot of paint through the years and had painting contractors painting for my company. The best brand of paint is Benjamin Moore is a 5 1/2 Star and Sherwin Williams is a 4 1/2 Star. Paints from hardware stores rate a whapping 2 Stars.
All paints get 1/2 star just for being called paint.

A great paint has to have good coverage both in footage and coatablity this gets one star.

The next is does it flow, when you paint with it does the brush or roller marks disappear? If so another star.

Next you check on dry time (when painting several surfaces a once can you paint them so you have no break points?) If yes it gets another star.

Can your run this type of paint through a sprayer? If yes it gets another star.

Can you paint over your new paint will except another paint?If yes it gets another star.

Does the paint hold its color, does it fade or get blotchy after applacation. If is does well It gets the best star. And the best rating of all on paint.

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