Adding Millwork To Your House Part 2.

When it is time to install your millwork make sure you have the right tools:
1. 12″ compound miter box with slide —(I recommend Dewalt DW718 12″ double bevel sliding compound miter saw.)

2. A pneumatic nail gun that can shut 2 1/2″ trim nail with a round head this is important a T style nail brakes the thinner trim boards and has no power to drive the nail through sold hardwood. I recommend Senc Finishing Nailer Model 1Z0001N

3. A pneumatic pin gun SENCO SLS18 18 GAUGE 1-1/2″

4. A bottle of Titbond 2 Glue

5. An orbital sander (Porter Cable Quicksand® Random-Orbit Sander)
Now with these tools you have a good start on doing a great job.

Always glue your joints and keep a wet rag with you o wipe off extra glue.

Let’s say you just finished installing casing around a window. Ok it time for the nail set, counter sink all the gun and hand nails.

Lets go back with 150 grit sand paper and sand all the trim and joints this causes the stain to penetrates evenly with less splotching across the entire trim board.

Take out an air chuck and blow out and excess dust in the nail holes and off the trim board.

If there are any nicks of dents in the millwork it time to fix them with Lacquer base wood putty let hardens and re-sand.

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