Why Install More Trim Than Necessary

Millwork (What you buy at a store) installed is called trim (all types of moldings and doors). When installed properly it is designed to enhance the beauty of the house, to install a mold or feeling. For example lets look at a house built in the 50’s with plan walls and 3″ base and 2 1/4″ casings around the window and doors.

For today’s standards it looks plan ordinary If we were to add 5″ base and 3 1/4″ Casings with a 3-6 piece crown molding with a couple of fluted columns.

The look of the same house has changed the house for a average house to quiet masterpiece tucked away is suburbia.

You say well I won’t get the money out of the house when I sell.

Good point lets look at your car you take out a 40,000.00 loan on a car which in 8 years has no value and you are only in about 30 —45 minutes a day, while your house your in 8-14 houses a day.

Look at which one puts more strain on you mode.

I’ve watch people go from their regular house to a high quality home and see their mode and mannerisms change.

The higher quality home cancels out a lot of negative thinking and actions.

With this in mind can you not afford to upgrade your house? Less sickness do to stress, and a better adatuded about life in general.

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