By building to code will it bring that what we desire?

The code is a weak attempt by the government for Social engineering, designed to level the playing field so no one family has all the wealth.

Definition-A system of accepted laws and regulations that govern procedure or behavior in particular circumstances or within a particular profession.

In other words a line has been drawn in the sand by the government stating that the builders will not drop below a minimum standard when building a project.

Example; With the code enforced we see 2 different types of building being built 1 that will lasts 150-200 years and another that will fall a part after 50 years.

You say no way well look at any commercial buildings the only difference is fire protection (sprinklers are required), verses houses.

The code is the minimum a builder must meet the minimum requirements. Look at a car it has 4 wheels 2 seats and a steering wheel, O and breaks.

The people of this world won’t put up with that for a car, but they do with their houses.

Poorly constructed foundations, weak lumber, now plastic water pipes, etc… and with some of the high air pollution in side these houses.

Look at Europe the house over there last 200 and up to 400 years and older.

Looking back I believe the building code (minimum) is set way to low.

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