Concrete labor

Under the umbrella of concrete work there are different types of men.
There are at lest 4 major types brick guys, block guys, concrete form guys and flat work

All concrete work is hard there is not an easy job in any area, while brickwork is a little easier.

Flat work guys are great at installing driveways concrete floors and sidewalks all dealing in poured concrete.

Good block guys have a knack of lying over 300 blocks, (60 pound to over 120 pounds) heavy chunks of concrete in a perfect line and both level and plum. But don’t have them lay brick up it’ll fall down in a couple of years.

Men installing concrete forms are basic laborers humping forms and supplies all day long. Never give them any type of finish trawl; they won’t know what to do with it.

Brick guys they are the cream of the crop. They can do most any type of job, from flat work to block work, setting forms etc. They also like to choose what type of work they’ll take.

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