What is a carpenter?

Carpentry is a broad way of saying your skilled labor.

This could mean that he is proficient in 1 and up to 3 or may be 4 of theses jobs.

The following areas from basic framing, roof framing, roofing, siding, cutting in stairways, installing cabinets, cabinet hardware, basic millwork, installing doors pre-hung, custom doors, door hardware, high end millwork, custom making of columns, custom making cabinets, to be able to talk to the architect on the behalf of the client.

If you find a person skilled in all theses areas, Its a God sent. Enjoy him he’s only going to be there, with you for a little while as he hones his skills and moves to the next challange.

Being a lead carpenter IE the foreman is saying you are good a reading and understanding (invisoning the finished work) what the blue prints is portraying.

Taking orders from above as well as lying out and setting up assignments to other carpenters.

A laborer is saying you’re physically fit for most any jobs in construction with repation and stamina.

From setting up scaffolding all day long to mixing and tending cement for the bricky or block guys, busting and removing concrete, as well as moving dirt all day with a shovel.

These guys are the workhorses of the industry.

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