The word building code keeps coming up.

I’ve seen written in ads saying we build to excide the building code. What does that mean?

The building code is not law like the bible. The bible is very black and white and tells you, and trains you how to live.

The building code is like; an old man stand on the outer edge of a rickety dock and the building codes says don’t move it not safe. I think it’s a little late for the warning. So let’s look at what is means to build to code.

Building Code by
n : set of standards established and enforced by local government for the structural safety of buildings

Hear in this definition of the code we are trying to protect the building from what?

This refers to municipal or other governmental ordinances regulating the type of construction of buildings within its jurisdiction.

So they don’t allow mud huts in their jurisdiction. Or are they saying as to the best of our knowledge we deem the structure that we the insurance companies are underwriting (insuring) is to code and cannot be liable of unseen or hidden problems.

Mortgage Company
Local regulations that control design, construction, and materials used in construction. Building codes are based on safety and health standards.

1. Who are these people who wrote the local regulation do they know any thing about the properties of wood, concrete, steel or even asphalt? Are they architects, builders, or just politicians?

2. How do they know what is best material out there to use. I’ve been in the building industry over 30 years and what they said was good in 1975 we would do for our worst enemy. Not much as change over the years lobbyist at the state level influences the state to turn to the left or the right.

3. Based on safety and health standards whose safety? A house built in the early 1900’s gets sold to a young couple. The law requires a 100-amp electric service smoke detector, a good well and septic system. They never address the fact it has a bad roof both the framing and the shingles are bad. Or the fact that the front porch was improperly attached to the house. Etc, etc, etc…….

4. A new house just built past code buy with in 6 months the people in this house are sick. Bad air or the materials in the leaching poison into the air or is it just mold.

I my opinion when you use the words building code always add in front of this the word “minimum”. You always can do a lot more than what the code is calling you to do.

The minimum building code if it were to be applied to our cars 99.5% of us would still be driving a Model T Ford. The bad part about this is 1/2 to 2/3 of most states doesn’t have a way or the manpower to enforce the minimum building code that is law today.

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