Plumbing prices too high?

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Looking for alternative ways to keep plumbing prices down. One way is to install Wirsbo water supply line instead of copper.

Yes copper is great easy to repair, add on to, or even change the design of plumbing as it is being installed. But the price, its great if you are Bill Gates, or a basketball player in the NBA. But for the rest of us there are alternative types of plumbing supply lines.

The Wirsbo system in some ways better than copper.

When water freezes to ice water expands 10% than when it is a liquid form. When water freezes in a cooper pipe it will split the length pipe to relieve the excess pressure. While on the other hand Wirsbo piping is designed to expand 200% larger than the water volume at 100 PSI meaning that it Wirsbo pipe will not fail.

The two draw backs of using Wirsbo piping new tools and instructions for installation you must learn. 2. Wirsbo unlike copper or Iron pipe doesn’t conduct electricity through it, you will need to run a ground wire back to the electrical panel and find a 2nd grounding location–like one of the following a cast iron well pipe, a 5/8″ or larger rebar which is barried in the concrete foundation of your house.

What is nice about Wirsbo there is less hot or cold transference throw the piping intern bring hotter water to the sinks and showers faster than with metal pipes.

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