Changing places

House was built in 97 with a poor kitchen design.
Note the locating of the pantry at the far end of the room with a depth of only 12″.

The old kitchen layout

New Kitchen layout

We changed the location of the sliding glass door and the kitchen sink window. Then we flipped the kitchen layout to flow better with more storage.
There was a large footprint for the kitchen but no storage or ease of operation. People visiting had to pass through the cooking area to get to the dining table.

New Kitchen window

To the right of the kitchen sink is the dishwasher with a wood door panel to match the cabinets.
The new Island & wet bar

The center island has a built in microwave on the right around the corner on the right there is a built in bookcase. The center door has a 3′ drawer that hold 3 -13 gallon garbage cans with 2 recycling bins left the kitchen sink for glass and metals.


The kitchen, and bar sink are cast iron w/ a gray porcelain finish. We also installed a secondary Reverse osmosis water system to the refrigerator, kitchen, and bar sinks for better taste, as well as no impurity in the water.

When making meals in this kitchen, everything is ease to get to with plenty of storage for food, supplies, as well as decorations for any type of family get together. The layout of the kitchen makes it ease to be involved with family whether there in the family room or in the kitchen.

Standing by the patio door there is plenty of room in the cooking area of the kitchen for 3 people work as well as 4 to sit at the upper level of the island and 4-6 more at the table. What a great place to entertain guests.

Hallways always make a statement

Colonial Style homeA lot contractors can build a house, the lady of house will change the structure to a home. The question is “are you happy with your surroundings did you get what the contractor envisioned for you or did you get 4 walls and a roof”.

In the first hours of interviewing home building contractors, this is the time to ferret out if the contractor, is out for his wallet or to gain a friend. Remember once you sign a contract with him/her, the working relationship will late up to 10 or even 12 years. The house may be done in 3-6 months, but the warranties and call back could be a nightmare.

Dewalt DW718 12″ double bevel sliding compound miter saw

Items to look for in a miter box.
1. Is the backrest high enough to do crown molding as lest 3 1/2″?
2. Does the turntable move freely or can the dust and cut offs get under the
backrest and the turntable?

3. Can you lock the turntable at 1/10 of a degree at a time?

4. Does the miter box allow you to set the blade depth as to kurf a board
or notch the backside of a baseboard?

5. Are you able to set the turntable as 69 degrees both ways, all the miter
boxes I know of can not do this yet. When you are doing beam ceiling
with 45degree boxes the miter angle is 67 1/2 degrees this angle is used
a lot on a 6 ply beam build up?

6. Can the bevel turn to 50 degrees both directions?

7. Does the slide arm have a second dairy lock for custom cutting?

To date I have used several different types and brands of miter boxes not one is perfect but the Dewalt Series of miter boxes are a delight to work with.

Adding Millwork To Your House Part 2.

When it is time to install your millwork make sure you have the right tools:
1. 12″ compound miter box with slide —(I recommend Dewalt DW718 12″ double bevel sliding compound miter saw.)

2. A pneumatic nail gun that can shut 2 1/2″ trim nail with a round head this is important a T style nail brakes the thinner trim boards and has no power to drive the nail through sold hardwood. I recommend Senc Finishing Nailer Model 1Z0001N

3. A pneumatic pin gun SENCO SLS18 18 GAUGE 1-1/2″

4. A bottle of Titbond 2 Glue

5. An orbital sander (Porter Cable Quicksand® Random-Orbit Sander)
Now with these tools you have a good start on doing a great job.

Always glue your joints and keep a wet rag with you o wipe off extra glue.

Let’s say you just finished installing casing around a window. Ok it time for the nail set, counter sink all the gun and hand nails.

Lets go back with 150 grit sand paper and sand all the trim and joints this causes the stain to penetrates evenly with less splotching across the entire trim board.

Take out an air chuck and blow out and excess dust in the nail holes and off the trim board.

If there are any nicks of dents in the millwork it time to fix them with Lacquer base wood putty let hardens and re-sand.

Why Install More Trim Than Necessary

Millwork (What you buy at a store) installed is called trim (all types of moldings and doors). When installed properly it is designed to enhance the beauty of the house, to install a mold or feeling. For example lets look at a house built in the 50’s with plan walls and 3″ base and 2 1/4″ casings around the window and doors.

For today’s standards it looks plan ordinary If we were to add 5″ base and 3 1/4″ Casings with a 3-6 piece crown molding with a couple of fluted columns.

The look of the same house has changed the house for a average house to quiet masterpiece tucked away is suburbia.

You say well I won’t get the money out of the house when I sell.

Good point lets look at your car you take out a 40,000.00 loan on a car which in 8 years has no value and you are only in about 30 —45 minutes a day, while your house your in 8-14 houses a day.

Look at which one puts more strain on you mode.

I’ve watch people go from their regular house to a high quality home and see their mode and mannerisms change.

The higher quality home cancels out a lot of negative thinking and actions.

With this in mind can you not afford to upgrade your house? Less sickness do to stress, and a better adatuded about life in general.