Adding Millwork To Your House Part 1

When buying your millwork have a way to check the moisture level of the millwork. Any thing above 15% will shrink after instillation; a level of 7-12 % is better. Prior to installing the millwork sell the backsides of the to keep the moisture from migrating back into it.

Trimming it’s self is fun and challenging there a good trimmers, incredable ones and there are hacks which most of us won’t even let them people frame their so bad.
Trim must be installed super tight fits in all joints corners and seams, remember there is still moisture in the wood still leaving it and as it does so the material will still shrink.

This is why a new house has more millwork cracks at the joints, corners and seams is because the wood in the wall framing is still wet and has not dried out.

When it does the wall thickness will shrink leaving gaps behind the trim and sheetrock surface.
It’s not a bad trim job but instead the contractor was in to much of a hurry to get the house done and did not take the time required to dry the wood framing out before insulating walls.

This is another reason you have sheet rock nails popping in your house. Remember this the dryer the wood the stronger it is.

It holds nails better if it is dry and more weight.

Paint roller and brushes

When you are writing all the time do you buy the cheapest pen? No you go out and by a good pen a cross or a parker pen for writing. The same is true when you are painting buying a cheap paint roller causes more problems. And the next several times you paint you buy a new paint roller every time. Stop wait a minute they make good ones to.

The brand I love to use is Wooster plastic handle which means not to hot or cold never splinters like wood easy to clean up also receives 2 types of extension rods the screw in type or the clip in type.

The clip in type is better because it keeps the handle from unscrewing and falling off the rod. The next fetchers are the dogs at the end that hold the felt roller on.

These dogs will not allow the roller to separate from the paint roller. Making your painting job just a job and not a nightmare.

Buying brushes those brushes under $10.00 are garbage and this is why the bristles in the brush let lose and you have to pick the out of the painted surface before it dries or you get to sand the project and do it again.

A good nylon brush 2 1/2″ – 3″ wide with a taper is a good all around brush from latex and to oil base varnish.

Remember to clean your brush and roller thoroughly and hang it up to dry.
This will keep it ready for the next time you need it.

How to get a good paint job.

Know our objective as to how you want the product to look at the finish. We’ll use a wall for an example. This is an older home with lots of paint on the wall. It has nap texture on the surface of the wall; it’s nowhere near smooth. Now you must decide what you want for an out come, a 50’s look on the wall or a modern look.

  • If 50’s look fix all nail holes dings and cracks. Next Wash the wall with Acetone, it prepares the surface for paint to bond to the existing layer of paint, remember to remove all crayon, grease lipstick etc. type of marks before the acetone wash. Next cover the floor with a tarp. Tape off all millwork on the wall, from baseboards, chair-rails, casings, to Crown moldings. Remove any lights, thermostats, switch cover plates and heat registers prior to painting. Use the right tools for painting read post for details.
  • If you are looking for a modern look do this. Next cover the floor with a tarp. Tape off all millwork on the wall, from baseboards, chair-rails, casings, to Crown moldings.

    Remove any lights, thermostats, switch cover plates and heat registers prior to painting. Trawl taping compound over the entire wall, this may need to coats of compound.

    Let it dry after every application up 24 hours. Then hand sand the wall with 150 grit sand paper and finish with a 220 or better sand paper and wall will be smooth.

  • Using a 5 Star paint ( Prime the wall first wait at least 8 hours before applying the color coat to the wall again wait 8 Hours the label may say 20-40 minutes but you are dealing with a new wall.

    By waiting you are allowing each coat of paint not only to dry but also to reach its maximum bonding strength before applying another coat of paint.

    As a roller rolls over the wall, it’s applying the paint on the lead edge of the roller and pulling the excess off the wall with rear edge of the roller.

    If wall the paint coats before this coat is not bonded it will remove the lower paint layer making a mess.

    Always apply 2 layers of finish paint for a better job and for durability.

  • Know this white paint dries fast, and bonds fast this is what the label on the can is saying.

    When you add color the more color (pigment) mixed in the can the longer the bonding time for example a pastel color paint will bond (harden) in 30-60 days, while a dark blue or brown will time up to 6 months to bond (harden).

    In this bonding time wall can be damaged very easily, be careful.

  • Who makes the best paint?

    I’ve applied a lot of paint through the years and had painting contractors painting for my company. The best brand of paint is Benjamin Moore is a 5 1/2 Star and Sherwin Williams is a 4 1/2 Star. Paints from hardware stores rate a whapping 2 Stars.
    All paints get 1/2 star just for being called paint.

    A great paint has to have good coverage both in footage and coatablity this gets one star.

    The next is does it flow, when you paint with it does the brush or roller marks disappear? If so another star.

    Next you check on dry time (when painting several surfaces a once can you paint them so you have no break points?) If yes it gets another star.

    Can your run this type of paint through a sprayer? If yes it gets another star.

    Can you paint over your new paint will except another paint?If yes it gets another star.

    Does the paint hold its color, does it fade or get blotchy after applacation. If is does well It gets the best star. And the best rating of all on paint.